Hair Salon

We are specialized in balayage and hair color techniques and offer a variety of services, including wash & blow-dry, haircuts, hair botox, color correction, and keratin treatments.
Every service is tailored to the specific needs of the client and the requirements of the hair.

Hair Salon

We bring a unique service to our clients, offering high level hair care services for women and men. The salon specializes in balayage and hair color techniques and offers a full pallet of services.


We offer the best products and services at the best value, below are some of them


Specialized in the balayage technique, we create a perfect and natural look resulting in a stunning and healthy hair.

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Keratin Treatment

The keratin treatment smooths and shines frizzy hair. Results can last up to anywhere from weeks up to six months.

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Hair Botox

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin.

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Hair Color

We work with all kind of hair colors, from simple coloring to high and low lights, color correction and many more.

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We are specialized in hairstyling. Using the last techniques in the market, you will get the styling that your hair deserves.

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With years of experience in haircuts, our stylists take care for the perfect haircut that you are looking for.

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our story
Our story

Passion for transforming the
self-esteem of women

Dinelle creates beautiful hairstyles, using the latest techniques and the best products the market has to offer.
Only by listening carefully to the specific needs of the clients, Dinelle offers a unique and exclusive experience to everyone who visits the Aquarela Hair Salon, making you feel at home and appreciated.


We offer the best products and services at the best value, below are some of them

Haircut ladies Wash and cut


Cut & Style Combo Short/Medium Hair


Cut & Style Combo Long Hair


Cut & Style Combo Extra Long Hair


Haircut Men


Cut & Go (no wash and dry)


Dry haircut special for curly hair


Booking Fee Keratin


Booking Fee Botox


Booking Fee Balayage


Balayage Short Hair


Balayage Medium Hair


Balayage Long Hair


Balayage Extra Long Hair


Balayage Half Head


Color correction

From €250,- to €700,-

Full color

From €75,50


From €90,-

Low lights



From €80,-

Roots retouch


Glow toner



From €55 to €135,-

Blow drying extra long hair


Blow drying long hair


Blow drying medium hair


Blow drying short hair


Simple wash


Bangs with wash


Bangs with haircut


Hair Consultation


Yellow neutralizing mask


L'Oreal Metal Detox


Infusion Treatment Truss


Customer's products application


Intense Nutrition


Deep conditioning Vegan


Keratin Brazilian hair treatment

From €190 to €250,-

Botox Brazilian Short Hair


Botox Brazilian Medium Hair


Botox Brazilian Long Hair


Inclusive BTW. The prices may vary depending on the length of your hair. 10,- for Volume. Check out our length guide for more information.

For services like balayage and keratin treatments, we ask an upfront payment of 50% of the service.

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by appointment.

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We exclusively work by appointment to ensure we can take enough time to give you all attention you need. Book your appointment with us to get the best service your hair deserves!